Intelligent Solutions - Simple solutions for your business...-info-faq

Intelligent Solutions - Simple solutions for your business...-info-faq

Intelligent Solutions - Simple solutions for your business...-info-faq

Intelligent Solutions - Simple solutions for your business...-info-faq

Intelligent Solutions - Simple solutions for your business...-info-faq
Intelligent Solutions - Simple solutions for your business...-info-faq

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a domain name?
A domain name is a company's unique identity on the Internet. All computers, or servers, connected to the Internet are identified by a unique number called an Internet Protocol address (IP address). A typical IP address appears in the form The domain naming system assigns unique names to the IP addresses since names are generally easier to remember than numbers. A domain name usually appears in the form It can be used as a custom email address, such as, or as an address on the World Wide Web, such as Domain names operate much like phone numbers or street addresses.

How do I register my domain name?
You have two options, register it yourself online or have us register it for you. If you do it yourself online, you will learn about the process, and have access to change any of your details (owner name, address, phone, technical administration details, billing details etc) at an time. You will have to maintain and administer this yourself. If you would like us to handle all of this for you - we offer full service domain name registrations and we handle all of the details for you, including updating your details etc. When we register domains on behalf of clients, we always register them with the client as the domain registrant (this is the domain owner) - if you ever ask someone to register a domain for you, insist on them making you (the owner), the DOMAIN REGISTRANT. This ensures you are the owner of what you paid for!

If you register a domain for me, will I own it?
It is illegal for web companies to register the domains of their clients in their name. Always make sure that the domain is registered in your or your company name. You can check this using a whois lookup domain like

Website Development

What do I require to create a website?

To create a website you require a domain name and web-space where you can upload the website html pages. You may also require email-ids associated with the domain.

What does a web site cost?
The cost of a website depend on the complexity of the site. If the web site is a few HTML files, it is not very costly. Prices for dynamic database driven CMS websites will have to be worked out after looking at the clients requirement. You may contact us for a no-obligation consultation - we are sure that once you meet us, and we provide you a quote on building you an effective web solution, you will have no doubts that our knowledge and web solutions are worth every rupee and more!

Will I be able to update my web site content myself?
Yes, this is possible but we need to program the site in a different way for this feature. You may try the demo and check the abilities of a Content Management System. Other sections of the site may also come with management tools - and if you need to update almost any portion of the site, we can built it with this in mind - we even have a specially written tool for uploading files, pictures etc, editing your site text - but if you haven't requested this feature, we don't built it in, as it takes a little longer and increases the cost of your site - but you save a lot of time making your own changes.

What do you use for a Content Management System?
We normally use PHP/MySQL for Content Management Systems. More details can be found on the demo page.
Go to Demo Page here.

What format do I supply my content in?
Logos should be scalable formats where hi-resolution files. Text (non-table) should be in MS Word, plain text (Notepad/WordPad etc). Tabular text and forms can be supplied in MS Word or MS Excel format.

Who writes the content for the web site pages?
Normally, you do. The reason being that we probably don't know your business like you do. If you are really too busy to write and collate your content, we can provide someone to handle this for you. Of course, we need to know this at the time of consultation, and we will bill this separately from the design/programming of your site.

What is a FTP?
FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. A protocol which allows users on a computer to transfer files to another computer.

What is a Search Engine?
There are millions of sites on the internet now, and thousands more get added everyday. Search Engines are web sites designed to help you search for information on specific key words or phrases. There are many different types and styles of search engines. Examples: Google, AltaVista, Bing, Alexa.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a complex process. During the optimization process, we look at all facets of your web site, from the domain name, to the naming of your pages, and even the names of the images used on your site. We can not give you an exhaustive list of the things we look at and improve while going through the SEO process - this list is known only to a few individuals within our company, as our continued success depends on keeping the exact process a secret from competitors and other web-masters.